Monday, July 21, 2008

Wine Country Tour

Went on a wine country drive with a few friends yesterday, it was frustrating. The roads in the Oregon wine country are nice curvy, hilly, country roads with little traffic and for the most part nicely maintained. The scenery is great and yesterday the weather was just about perfect. It was still frustrating. I am too risk averse to go fast on public roads. I went quickly once or twice but I never felt like I was going fast or even pushing the car to 50% in corners. I should have brought our Porsche. It would have felt fast in that car with the top down.

Speaking of the Porsche, the Advans are on. What a difference. That car is stuck to the road. When I get home from a drive parts of the road are stuck to the tires. I cannot image these tires are going to last very long but what a hoot.


pinotchio said...

Another great way to do an Oregon wine tour: . Although doing one in a Ferrari sounds like fun too. Just a shame that you can't enjoy some wine also, without risking handcuffs ;).

David said...

You have a good point.