Friday, August 8, 2008

29000 miles on the Ferrari

Went on an ice cream run last night and watched the miles in the car turn from 28999 to 29000. The miles rolled from 27999 to 28000 during the Ferrari track day. I know there is nothing special about 28000 or 29000 but I am glad I was doing fun trips in the car when those non-milestones were hit. That said, my original goal was to put about 6000 miles on the car this year. I am not going to be even remotely close. I might rack up 3000 but who knows.

My dad will be in town next week and I expect we will drive the car around a bit. He has said he wants to buy it even though he has not see it, sat in it, or driven it. I suspect that after driving it he will want to buy it but will find the cockpit too uncomfortable and the ride too stiff. It’s OK with me either way. If dad buys it he gets a great fun car and I will sell it to him at a bargain price. If dad does not buy it I get to keep it longer and sell it to someone for more money.

If you are in Portland and you read this blog I am planning on bringing the car to the Bridgeport Coffee and Cars event next Saturday. I am going to go this Saturday but think I will take my 911. Say hello if you can stop by.

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