Monday, August 18, 2008

Car Show and Wine Drive

Ok, I admit it, the car show was fun. It was nice to talk with friends there and look at some of the cars. I also enjoyed the parade of moms and dads with their kids in jogger strollers who were engaged in some sort of criterium through the shopping center. At one level I can understand why a shopping center like Bridgeport Village presents a good workout space for parents with small kids. It is clean, safe, and there are several coffee shops, but it still strikes me as wrong. Get out of the shopping center and exercise in one of the great parks that litter Portland.

On Saturday and Sunday Dad got a chance to drive the Ferrari. Once he got used to the width of the car it was not too scary for me and we did not hit any curbs or bumps too hard. On Sunday we took the car on a nice drive into the Oregon wine country and Dad had a chance to put the skills he learned during his Pro Drive class to work. The change in his driving was clearly apparent and reinforced my decision to send my kids to driving classes when they are old enough.

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