Monday, August 4, 2008

Coffee and Cars

I know I have been neglecting my posting recently. Two reasons, first I have done nothing to merit note taking for the book. Second, I have been focusing my writing efforts on the book. On Saturday I went to a cars and coffee event in a suburb outside Portland. I took the truck as Christina and I were going to a nursery and there is little room in a Ferrari for plants.

What struck me most about this trip was not the fancy cars but the lack of traffic on the way there. Sure red Ferraris and Lamborghinis in every color of the rainbow are wonderful but open roads on a Saturday morning in a major metro are vastly, galactically better. I know this is an unpopular view and if I were running for president I would not be able to say it but I think our current gas prices are great. I know it is more painful to fill up not but think of all the good things that are related, directly or tangentially, to high gas prices.

  1. Fewer cars on the road
  2. Reduced green house emissions
  3. Fewer traffic accidents
  4. Increased investment and innovation in new sources of fuel
  5. A fitter happier population

Ok so I am stretching on the last one but if people walked or rode bicycles more they would be incrementally fitter. I am just guessing they would be happier.

I hope gas prices stay high. I hope both presidential candidates abandon their sillier ideas to decrease gas prices and focus the conversation and their efforts on renewable sources of energy.
Ok enough of that. So the coffee and cars event was a nice chance to look at some beautiful cars while drinking a coffee. I am planning on going next week and taking either the Ferrari or the Porsche. I still do not fully grok the purpose of the event it was fun to be there with my daughter.

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