Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ferrirus Ownerus - A Classification

Ferrari Owner Classification

Ferrari owners come in many forms, from loud and obnoxious to quiet and thoughtful. As part of my one year with a Ferrari I decided to try and classify the different types of owner I have met. While there are exceptions most owners fall within one or a few of these groups. This is my first pass. I reserve the right to make changes later.

The Enthusiast – Most of the owners I have met are enthusiasts. They bought the car because the love cars and driving and for them a Ferrari represents pinnacle of driving machines. Most enthusiasts perform some work on their cars and take them to the track. The enthusiast is likely to own more than one Ferrari, either simultaneously or over time. There is a slippery slope between Enthusiast and Geek.

The Attention Seeker – This group bought their Ferrari because they want to be in the spotlight. These are the red and yellow spyder owners who add fancy rims and park in front of coffee shops. Well to do attention seekers always need the latest Ferrari. The Attention Seeker shares traits with The Competitor. If they were birds they would be peacocks.

The Geek – The Geek bought the Ferrari because they are totally in love with the nitty gritty details which make a Ferrari a Ferrari. They know everything about the cars, they work on their cars, and are partial to the older cars. Cars with carburetors which, in The Geek’s mind need constant tinkering. The folks are a blast to talk with but only for a short while. These folks are likely to be engineers.

The Competitor – Competitors buy cars to keep up with friends, family, or the Joneses. They like to have the latest car, or if not the latest one which is more current than those folks they are competing against. These folks show up at track days and events but only because they feel obligated. For them the Ferrari is an accessory. They are the most likely to have a Ferrari hat.

The Compensator – This group contains the insecure Ferrari owners. These folks bought the car to compensate for something missing in their life. This group contains the people who bought the car to gain entry into a semi-exclusive club but when they get in they stand around at the edges.

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