Monday, August 18, 2008

Keyword Searches

I am not working today, hence the large number of posts. For grins I was reviewing the search terms that brought some of you to this blog. I have picked out a few I like.

#1 “Will I get more dates with a Ferrari” – Probably not.

#2 “Ferrari Slow Down Light” – It really does mean slow down, it also means take the car in for service as your catalytic converter temperature is too high or the sensor reading it has malfunctioned. This is one of the most popular searches that lead people to the blog. Not a good sign.

#3” Bird struck Ferrari Enzo windshield” – don’t know how to help you with that one. I had a pigeon fly into my truck antenna once. No damage to either party.

#4 “Can a tall guy drive a Ferrari” – I am pretty tall and I can drive the 355. 360s and 430s are more comfortable.

#5 “Does a Ferrari have frunt of wrire drive” – This is my personal favorite. No, anyway I don’t think so.

#6 “Ferrari and mid life crisis”- All I can say is they go perfectly together.

#7 “Ferrari leather thing” – I searched in my car and could not find one. I will ask other owners.

#8 “Ferrari Melt” – I have tested it and they do not melt in the rain or snow.

#9 “fritter machine” – Can’t help you with this one. I assume you did not find anything helpful in my blog.

#10 “How to make a maserati sound like a Ferrari” – trade it on a Ferrari.

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