Tuesday, September 23, 2008

8 Sparkplugs and some O2 Sensors - Priceless

Ok I have been unable to post my track day videos. Too bad because if I may be blunt, I drove pretty well. I wish I had some video from the 911. I am still regretting describing the cars handling as resembling a bathtub turned upside down and placed on a waterbed. The 911 absolutely came alive on the track. I have spent the past few days looking at 911 track cars and considering big brake kits for the car.

On Monday the Ferrari went back to RTGT. When it was going through tech inspection at the track the guys noticed it was dropping a cylinder at idle. I took this to mean one of the cylinders was not firing correctly. It smoothed out once it got some gas but hey it’s a Ferrari so it goes in the shop. I drove my Chevy Tahoe for over a year with one of the spark plugs totally disconnected. Never noticed. Anyway, today they called, I need eight new spark plugs and new front O2 sensors. Whew, how bad can that be? $1500. As I am selling the car to my Dad it needs to be perfect, if not I will (rightly) never hear the end of it, so I am getting eight new plugs and some new O2 sensors.

Honestly, I don’t begrudge the expense. It’s a great car. It was super fun. Not regular fun but super fun to drive on the track last Monday and I have had a wonderful year with the car and only spent around $3500 on totally necessary maintenance items. During Monday’s track day there was a F40, F50 and Enzo in attendance. When I dropped the car of at the shop all three were in. If they were not owned by the fellow who owns the dealership I would be willing to bet the repair bill would be higher than $1500

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