Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Track Day Video


By George I think I did it.



Anonymous said...

Awesome video & great website. It's funny that I came accross this website during the week that I bought my very own 355F1. I share many of your thoughts that I have read in your posts. Good luck with your book. Your blogs are amazing.


David said...


Contrats on the car. Thank you for your comments. Enjoy the car. I am sure a 355F1 will be fantastic on the track.


Manolis said...

I just installed a new tubi exhaust which was released last year. It's called the tubi evolution and it's amazing. I also have hyperflow cats on the car. The sound is very good. Do you have problems with break pads squeaking?


David said...

I have not heard a car with that exhaust yet. I wish mine were a bit louder. It sounds good when opened up but lacks a bit when just puttering around.

Yes, my brake pads squeak. I have thought about replacing the pads but the squeak is not that bad.