Thursday, October 2, 2008

355 Engine Out

I was sad to see the car with the motor out. The guys from Tonkin called today to say they had dropped the motor and I could come by and take a look if I wanted. They also said they have found a rock embedded in one of the timing belts. They did not say that bad timing was the reason the car was running rough or for the discrepancy in compression between the cylinder banks.

The car was up on a lift when I arrived and the engine, transaxle, and rear suspension were resting on an engine stand next to it. The back half of the car was empty, a big hole where the engine used to be. Ferrari did a nice job designing this whole package to be easy to remove. If you are going to develop a car where the engine has to come out for most services this seems like the way to do it. The engine is attached to a frame which bolts to the bulkhead. Attached to the engine is the rear suspension and transaxle. More than a third of the car, a really important third, can be unbolted and removed without any serious effort.

The rock in the timing belt had worn an eraser sized hole in the belt. Better it is changed now than it fails later. With luck tomorrow or early next week I will know if the timing adjustment will fix the issues.

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