Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ferrari, a cure for the common mid life crisis?

So, is a Ferrari a cure for a mid life crisis. Recently I have been wondering if buying the Ferrari helped me accomplish any of the intangible, mid life crisis spawned goals I had when I started this adventure. The simple answer is yes. I think it would be possible to insert, climb Everest, write a book, open a pizza restaurant, or backpack through Europe for the event and experience of buying and driving the Ferrari. Maybe for my next mid life crisis I will chose something different. Maybe not.

Have I accomplished the things I set out to? Mostly. I accomplished all the superficial stuff. I bought a Ferrari. Drove it on a race track and took it on a road trip. For a year I lived my approximation of the Ferrari lifestyle. That lifestyle turned out to be different than I expected but what doesn’t. I tested my thesis that you can buy, drive, and sell a Ferrari in one year and not lose a bundle of money. For me that thesis turned out to be false with this particular car. I think it will turn out to be true for my dad.

To the best of my knowledge I accomplished some of the more esoteric stuff. I say “to the best of my knowledge” because I don’t really have any way of knowing. When presented with decisions I don’t have two rule sets to chose from, one labeled new one labeled old. I just make a decision. I think I accomplished something because I have a Ferrari, because I am writing a book, and because I am less comfortable with where I am than I was one year ago. I think this is an accomplishment because I set out to fight complacency in my life. A result of this is that I am, in a very positive way, constantly seeking to make things better or more to my liking. Another, slightly less positive outcome, is my current unwillingness to do anything I don’t want to do.

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