Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing the Ferrari

Yesterday I saw then got to hear a beautiful 456. I think there were three people riding in it but I could only see the driver and passenger clearly. Both were sporting huge silly grins. I know that feeling. They were heading up a slight hill and as they passed I would hear the V12 wind up under load. What a wonderful sound.

Seeing the car, hearing the car, and even though he did not know it sharing the driver’s excitement made me miss the 355. I expect it will be another two weeks before I have it back. If I stick to my plan, and I will, dad or someone else will need to come collect it in about a month. About the same time I will receive the credit card bill for the engine work.

I thought briefly about selling the Porsche to offset all the money I ended up spending on the Ferrari this year. As you know I had hoped to buy and drive the car with little or no money out of my pocket. Missed that goal by a mile. Maybe more than a mile. I don’t think I will need to sell the Porsche but I have definitely spent my discretionary income for the foreseeable future.

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