Thursday, October 9, 2008

Money in Ferraris, better than money in the market?

I am not a frequent consumer of news or media in general. I read the Economist, Atlantic, and Wine Spectator. I don’t watch TV and only listen to a few minutes of NPR in the morning before I lose interest and switch to Portland’s local classical station. However, even a hermit such as myself has not been immune to hearing about, commenting on, and fretting over the current economic crisis. In our company we have a phrase to describe situations like the one we are now getting to live through: Amateur hour at the goat rodeo. Not bad huh.

I began thinking about the Ferrari. Sure it has cost a bundle but by my reckoning it is still worth about what I paid for it, maybe a tick more since it is now a bit better. In comparison my stock portfolio has lost approximately 30% of its value in the last few months with a few of my holdings losing up to 41%. Sure it’s all long term money and in good companies and funds but still not precisely what I wanted to have happen. I am still better off than most people and am not complaining but I cannot help but think I would be even better off if I had my money in Ferraris rather than General Electric. Further, even though when looked at in absolute terms my Ferrari lost about 20% of its value this year I had the fun of driving it, taking it apart, and starring at it in my garage.

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