Monday, October 20, 2008

One month and counting

The Ferrari has been in the shop for almost one month. I realized this weekend I had forgotten I owned it. Barb’s minivan is happily ensconced in the garage and I drove the Porsche around on Sunday afternoon with the top down. Without the car to drive, wash, and generally obsess over I have been spending my newly found free time fly fishing. I assume the Ferrari will be back for me to sell it within my one year window but who knows?

While fishing this weekend on the Hood River I got to thinking about a book I read a year or two ago. It was about bamboo fly rods. The author was in the lucky position of having some clout within the fly fishing community and makers of bamboo rods would send him a rod to try for. The whole book, chapter after chapter followed the same formula. Package arrives in mail. Bamboo rod is examined and described in great detail. Next, a reel is put on the rod and the author lawn casts is a few times and discusses the rods action and feel. Sometimes the author takes the rod to a river or stream and fishes with it. I know that does not sound so exciting but to a fly fisher and bamboo rod aficionado it was a fun if somewhat guilty pleasure read.

While fishing I thought about doing the same thing with cars. Sure the logistics are a bit more complicated but I think the end result would be the same fun/guilty read.

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