Friday, October 31, 2008

Scary Halloween Ferrari Costs

It is Halloween and I wanted to do something scary so here is a list with a short description of all my Ferrari expenditures in the past 11 months and approximately 2500 miles worth of driving. I realize it does not exactly match my cost of ownership on the side of this page as I had forgotten some items.

$35 on the URL

$150 membership dues in the Ferrari Club of America

$180 on the PPI

$500 in loan fees

$44 for Ferrari valve caps which I have never put on the car

$275 for a replacement ashtray. I was able to sell parts of the old ashtray but the lid was lost in
shipping so I only made $40.

$90 for fancy Ferrari driving shoes which match the car

$249 for a camera to make movies of the car

$152 for a camera mount so the camera won’t flop around the car

$499 for a ProDrive high performance driving course

$1372 to replace the catalytic converter ecus, no more “SLOW DOWN” ligts

$350 for some fancy tiles for our garage, can’t have the Ferrari sitting on concrete

$315 for the RTGT track day

$100 for interior parts

$150 for stuff to fix sticky interior parts

$300 for the steering column cover I ruined trying to degooify it

$1462 to fix the radiator

$375 for the inn in Walla Walla

$450 for food in Walla Walla

$315 for the 2nd RTGT Track Day

$8692 for the valve job and service (OUCH)

$3971 in loan payments

$1307 in insurance payments

$920 in gas

$70 to renew the URL for two more years :)


Anonymous said...

makes Vintage Ferrari ownership look cheap!

David said...


I suppose I am glad to hear that. Although reading about your recent valve problem makes them sound a lot the same. I had assumed the older car would be more difficult to work on? I hope to find and restore a vintage Ferrari sometime. A 330 is at the top of my list.



Anonymous said...

I guess it's all about comfort level. Modern Ferraris are fixed with computers and Proprietary Ferrari software. I prefer fixing my car with hand tools!


Anonymous said...

When it comes to Ferraris you sleep a lot better is you don't count costs.