Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Selling the Ferrari

The process of selling the car has not gone how I imagined it would. I expected to place an add on the Ferrari Club website and let RTGT know. I would also use my blog to advertise the car. Instead Dad has agreed to buy it for a yet un-determined price. There are good parts and bad parts to selling the car to dad. Let’s deal with the good ones first. He gets to enjoy a wonderful Ferrari which, for the past year, has been as well taken care of as you could wish. He gets to test my thesis that it is possible to buy and drive a Ferrari without spending too much money. I think he has a better chance at achieving this goal than I. Now the bad parts. If the car breaks I will never hear the end of it. That’s really it. If it breaks I will feel bad, not guilty as I have done all I can to make it a great car but bad.

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