Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Trial - Life without a Ferrari

I still don’t understand how valves can be responsible for the complete set of issues this engine is having. Time, and a bundle of money, will tell.

When I was at RTGT yesterday I took a few pictures of the motor. The engine, suspension, and transaxle really are an elegant package.

As I get closer to selling the car I have mixed feelings. It has cost quite a bit more than I expected. I have an estimate from Tonkin for the work they are now doing of approximately $10,000 when you add that to the amount I have spent so far my maintenance total for the year is 12,772. That is a big chunk of change for a car I drove a bit over 2000 miles. When I think about the car from this perspective I really want it out of my garage. I am bitter that I had to spend so much on the car. I could be bitter at Gran Prix, Tonkin, or myself, and sometimes I am. Usually I don’t feel this way. Sure it was expensive and expensive in ways, engine maintenance, that I did not expect but I enjoyed my time with the car, I enjoyed the experiences I had with it. I expect I will forget or at least not care so much about the maintenance expense in the coming years but I will not forget the thrill of driving the car on the track or the fun of sharing the car with friends.

Since the car has been at Tonkin for the past couple of weeks Barb has started parking her minivan in the garage. At first she wouldn’t park the van in the garage. If you remember I put down a white tile floor and she did not want to get it dirty. I think she secretly thought I would not sell the Ferrari and it would be coming back. I wish she were right. Now I avoid going in the garage. Compared to the Ferrari the van is huge, dark, and ugly. It makes me miss the car every time I open the garage door. The Porsche looks lonely, sullen, and tiny.

I expected it to be difficult to sell the can and now am regretting my self imposed one year and sell it rule. If it were up to me I would sell the Porsche and keep the Ferrari, expensive maintenance and all.


adampoth said...


10K....ouch! That is a good chunk of change, but better to fix the problem than to pass it on the the next unsuspecting guy. If you're still going to get a 430, I think you'll find with the newer models (360/430) that maintenance is not such a hassle. They installed a maintenance panel which the maintainers can access to do a lot of the engine work that would proviously require removing the engine in the older models. While Ferrari maintennace is by no means cheap, this should help reduce the manhour cost.


David said...

Before they pulled the motor I suggested they get a Sawzall and cut a maintenance panel in the 355. Since the car will probably go to my dad I would never hear the end of it if there was anything that broke,

I expect something will break during his stewardship with the car but not valves or timing belts.