Monday, November 24, 2008

Are you a redneck if you keep a Porsche in a shed?

Over the weekend, in true redneck form, I solved my parking problem. I built a shed and parked the 911 in it. It will be cozy and dry for the winter. The shed is one the south side of our house and built between a giant tree and a fence. To get the car to the shed it had to cross our front lawn which turns into a bit of a swamp in winter. I built a temporary roadway out of 2x12s to keep the car from sinking into the mud.

As I was working on the shed and planning the movement of the car I had a can’t miss idea for a reality TV show. Recruit 10 attractive women. Divide them into two teams. Dress them in bikinis. Give them the task of moving sports cars across a muddy field.
My neighbors gave us several sideways glances as Barb and I were navigating the Porsche across the lawn. Luckily, Barb kept it on our plank roadway as it would have become a fixture in the lawn until it dried out had it slipped off.

So now I have a shed with a sports car parked in it. I feel pretty good about it. If I had more space I would have built a bigger shed and parked both cars in it. That would have been handy because now is a great time to buy a Ferrari. Six months from now it might be even better but if I had the space I would probably be talking Barb into letting me get a classic Ferrari.

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