Monday, November 24, 2008

Ferrari, at work, in November

Today was a beautiful late fall/winter day in Oregon. As I was dropping the girls off at school we realized Alex had left her backpack at home. That was all the motivation I needed. I had not driven the Ferrari in a few weeks and not since it came back from its last, short, visit to Tonkin. I took the truck home, started the Ferrari, let it warm up for a while, and delivered the backpack.

From what I understand 355s, and many other Ferraris, can be a bit cantankerous when shifting from 1st to 2nd when cold. Mine is no exception. I have found this balkiness can be decreased and sometimes eliminated if I shift the car for 1st to 2nd a few time while it is warming up, never letting the clutch out. This morning was pretty cold but my method work perfectly.
The picture above is of the car in the parking garage at work. It is fun to drive through the garage as it sets off several car alarms.

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