Sunday, November 9, 2008

Garage is too short for a lift

My garage is about 3.5 inches too low for a lift. The Porsche is approximately 50 inches high, the Ferrari 47. In researching racks I found I need to allot 4.5 inches for the ramps giving me a grand total of 101.5 inches. My garage is 98 inches high. Glad I measured.

I am going to go with Plan B. Last year, before I had purchased the Ferrari, my mom agreed to me storing the 911 in her garage. I never did as I was worried about potential damage from her cat and her Lexus. I am going to store the car there this winter but I am going to build it a little oasis. I am going to buy the world’s toughest car cover, top that will a sheet of plastic, then build a low wall around three sides of the car. Overkill. Nope, not if you saw what happened to the car my sister stored there.

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