Saturday, November 8, 2008

Maybe a year and a half with a Ferrari

Maybe I should rename this site “A year or two with a Ferrari” You may have seen this coming. There is a more than 50% chance that I will keep the car for longer than a year. Dad does not have space in his garage for it just yet. His partially disassembled 944 Turbo is in the way. I would really like the car to go to Dad and would not want to sell it right now anyway. I have spend so much on maintenance this year, and fixed so many things, next year I would like to just drive the car, not fix it. Keeping it for another year and driving it a bit will allow me to reduce my cost per mile. Sure I will end up paying more but I will get more time with the car and will be better able to justify the total expense to my inner accountant.

The car nut inside my head is shouting that I should pull the girls out of private school, raid what remains of our retirement account and buy another couple exotic cars while prices are low. I enjoy listening to this counsel but, ultimately, I think it is better if I ignore it.

I have begun researching lifts for the garage as a solution to my parking problem. The weather has changed in Oregon. Just a couple of weeks ago we were enjoying dry, warm autumn days. Unfortunately, the Ferrari sat out this nice spell in the shop. Now, it is raining all the time, the roads by my house are covered in a thick, wet, layer of partially composed leaves. I know it won’t hurt the car to go out in this weather but it is so clean, dry, and vegetation free right now. I think I will leave it in the garage until we get a dry spell.

That means I could park the Porsche outside and let it mildew, try to talk Barb into loading the kids up in the rain for another year or get a lift. I am going with the lift. Eventually, I will sell the Ferrari and if I have a lift I can fit a dedicated track are or something equally frivolous in the garage without inconveniencing Barb.

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Abers said...

I'm stunned-truly. Carl still owes me that $20