Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The advantages of getting older

There are many positive aspects to ageing, not the lease of which is the opportunity to provide wonderful Christmas gifts for your children. Sometimes you come across gifts which you as the parent are also interested in. Then you get to take advantage of another benefit of ageing, significantly more disposable income to spend on toys. For Christmas Barb and I got the kids a 1/32 scale slot car set. The set came with two cars modeled on Ferrari and Mclaren F1 cars. I purchased some extra track pieces and a ringer, in the form of a 355 Challenge car, for myself. As it turned out, I had not purchased enough extra pieces for us to construct a truly engaging circuit and my ringer was not match for the cars which came with the kit. A trip to the hobby shop was in order. We bought an extra set with more track, now we have about 40 feet, and two extra cars. I spent some time figuring out how to cheat with my car and now the 355 is the ringer it was meant to be. It is significantly less expensive to modify a 355 slot car than a real 355.

Another positive aspect of ageing is the chance to learn from your mistakes. You don’t have to be old to take advantage of this but it seems to help. Last year I racked up about 3000 miles on the Ferrari. Not enough. I did have many fun and entertaining experiences with the car but I never really got to know it, never used it as a daily driver. Since I get another chance, maybe not another year, but more time with the car I am going to drive it more frequently.


J said...

Dear Dave,

I have spend portions of the past two days (thank goodness for the holidays) reading your blog from beginning to end. What a terrific job you have done recounting your first year with the Ferrari! I can’t wait for the book. My interest is more than academic. As it turns out, I am in the market for a Ferrari f355 and the fulfillment of a long term dream of mine to own a “real” exotic after owning and restoring many sports and performance cars. I have a handful of questions I would like to ask you about the 355 but am not sure of the protocol related to blogs and responding therein. Is it appropriate to communicate with you via this environment or are these responses intended to be related only to your posts? Is email a better vehicle? I promise not to encumber your time unnecessarily but do believe we have much in common. More than that, I have been inspired by your experience and am anxious to follow you and your Ferrari into the next year.


Petaluma, California

David said...


Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to be of assistance and answer questions to the best of my knowledge.

I expect that emailing one another directly will be easier than using the blog. Post a comment with your email address, I will not publish the comment, and I will respond with mine.