Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ferrari is for sale

Ok change of plans. Dad is no longer going to buy the car. This is a shame as it is the third Ferrari he has decided not to buy. On the other hand, even though I wanted Dad to get the car, it seemed like cheating to sell the car to him like I was not really selling it, just parking it at a different house for a year or two after which it would sneak back into my garage. The opportunity to get the car back appealed to me. Not that I expected to buy it back but I liked having the option to buy it back. Selling the car to someone other than my Dad will certainly make better material for the book. Less sentimental and circular but now I get to go through the process of selling a Ferrari. I am looking forward to it.

I am going to start by putting the car on eBay. I don’t expect it to sell but I hope it will generate some interest. I would not buy a Ferrari without driving it and would not be comfortable with someone else doing the same. I will also going to let the local Ferrari folks know the car is on the market and get in touch with the folks I know who are looking for 355s and approached my about the cars in general during my writing of the blog. Aside from these steps I am not going to do anything else until the weather gets better in Oregon.

So there it is. The 355 is for sale.


Aniket said...

I thought you were going to keep it for another year and reduce your $ cost/mile?

David said...

I thought long and hard about doing that. As I have been spending significant time these past few weeks working on the book I realized I need to sell the car, to have it out of the garage to finish the book. Getting the dollar per mile average down would make me feel better but it will also make the car less attractive to the next buyer. Who knows, maybe it will not sell and I will have it for another year but I fell I should start the process.