Thursday, February 19, 2009

First edit of the book is done

After just over one month of work I have finished my first complete edit of my book. Granted the book is not complete as I still have the car but I edited the 200 or so pages I have. Some of it was pretty good. Some of it made absolutely no sense. While rewarding writing a book is a pain. For the next edit I am going to use a triple space format. For this first pass I squashed everything together so I have notes in all the margins and arrows all over the page.

As a reward for my hard work and to take advantage of our recent spate of good weather I used the Ferrari as a daily driver for the couple of days. What a wonderful, nasty, engaging, little car. I drove all over yesterday, ran errands, when to client meetings, all in a Ferrari. It is much more fun to drive to a client meeting in a Ferrari than a Toyota truck.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, I'm enjoying your blog immensly. I discovered it less than 24 hours ago and have read more or less every word.

Keep the car. That's the perfect ending for the book. It answers all the questions posed by the original thesis, does it not?

David said...

Thank you,

I really like that option. I drove the car today and my main course of thought the whole way to the office was I dont want to sell this car I dont want to sell this car. I had never seriously tested the idea of keeping the car as the perfect ending - I will have to give that some thought.



Anonymous said...

Me again...... it would be a shame to sell it at a loss. This way you don't have to "realize" the loss, plus you have invested a lot in a car that you haven't properly enjoyed.

Not trying to be a bad influence....