Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So what will 70K get you now?

Today as I was driving home I was thinking “What else could I buy for about 70K?” There are some great side effects to a recession. One of which is stuff that was once expensive is now comparatively cheap. With that in mind I searched eBay for cars with a buy it now price around 70,000. Here are some of the more interesting cars on offer. Generally speaking I think my 355 stacks up pretty well but there are some cars I might buy before the Ferrari for the same dollars.

Option 1 a 1960 Corvette with 57,000 miles for 69,900

Option 2 a 1999 Ferrari 550 with 21301 miles for 69,900

Option 3 a 2001 911 Twin Turbo with 700 horsepower for 69,000

Option 4 a 2001 Ferrari 360 for 72,000

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