Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ferrari on the road again

After several weeks of furious writing I took a break and drove the car. Spring has come to Oregon. Trees are flowering, roads are dry, Ferraris are out. Well my Ferrari anyway. I love driving this car. It is a truly fantastic experience, making the most mundane of errands exciting. The past four months with the car have been the least expensive of my ownership experience. Aside from payments, gas, and insurance all I have spent on the car is $80 for the AC decal. It is still sitting on my desk. I need find a few hours I can set aside to put it on. With luck I can find those hours this Sunday. I will post before and after pictures.

I talked with RTGT about selling. I am waiting to hear from them with an estimate of what they think the car will sell for, I am guessing I won’t like it, and plan to hold on to the car until the summer months before making any decision to sell the car. I have another car/blog project I would like to get started and need the garage space and free time.


Anonymous said...

Been Looking forward to an update and usually check every couple days. keep us informed we are watching and reading. Good luck with the sale.

David said...

Sorry I have not been posting much. I have been spending most of my free time writing the book. As the weather changes I hope to have more opportunites to drive the car and will get back to updating the blog.