Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ferrari Update

Over Easter weekend I took out the AC control module and replaced the original, and now sticky, decal with the new decal I ordered from Ricambi. Replacing the decal was quick and easy. The only tricky part was removing the three knobs which allow for temperature and vent selections. The knobs were held in place with a “C” clip which was a tad difficult to remove. Once the module was completely disassembled I applied the new decal and chose not to refinish the knobs as they were in good shape. This was a mistake. We have had just a few nice, warm days and the knobs are attracting lint and detracting from the overall appearance of the interior.
I will plan another project to refinish the knobs.

Last weekend I took the car on an extended back roads romp. The weather was beautiful and I found some fantastic roads. Roads with elevation changes, tight corners, uneven pavement and off chamber turns. I had one opportunity to let the car breath. The sensations which accompany a 355 under full throttle give me goose bumps.

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