Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ferrari for sale Part 2

Below is the copy of my advertisement for the Ferrari. I plan on placing it on ebay and the Ferrari club web site (probably not all of it). A photographer friend has agreed to take a set of pictures of the car. My cheap camera always makes the interior look pink.

Let me know what you think.


Help me write the last chapter in One Year with a Ferrari and get a beautiful F355 Berlinetta to boot. A bit over one year ago I decided to write a book testing my theory that I could buy a Ferrari, drive it for about a year, and not spend a bunch of money. I chose a Grigio Titanio with Bordeaux, a fantastic combination, F355 as the Ferrari I would spend the year with.

Currently the car has almost 30,000 miles. It is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical shape.
The 30,000 mile, engine out, service was performed a few hundred miles ago. In addition to the belts the right side valves were reseated. The valves on the left side were done in 2006. The car has excellent compression and has the steel valve guides not the softer brass guides. It has a TUBI exhaust, making an already fantastic sounding car even better. I have replaced all the catalytic converter ECUs, no “SLOW DOWN” lights. In the year the car was in my stewardship all service work was performed by Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo aka Ferrari of Portland. All services are up to date. Tonkin is the nation’s oldest Ferrari dealership.

Milestones and major service items are listed below.

The car was purchased new from Ferrari of San Francisco on March 13 1998. The window sticker shows a suggested retail price of $129,909. The car had two options: Red brake calipers and drilled brake discs.

On April 29 2004 Ferrari of San Francisco performed the 30,000 mile service on the car for its second owner.

The car then went Texas. It lived in Texas for two years before being purchased by its fourth owner in Oregon. The PPI was performed by Norwood Performance. Results included with the car. Norwood rebuilt the valves on the left side in April of 2006 before the car was sent to Oregon.

The car had another engine out service, this time to replace leaking seals in June of 2006.

In November 2007 a PPI was performed by ATD in Portland. Results included with the car.

In May of 2008 all three Catalytic converter ECUs replaced with new parts.

In June of 2008 the left radiator was replaced a new radiator.

In October of 2008 an engine out service was performed and the right side valves were rebuilt. Timing belts were changed at this time.

In between these milestones the car had smaller service items taken care of.

The car comes with a complete tool kit, cover (car, seats, and steering wheel) even the fix a flat system is included. I have a three ring binder full of service information and the original window sticker. For fun I have hidden a surprise for the new owner somewhere in the car. You have one year to find it. I will also include a first edition, signed copy of my book. Unfortunately, you will know how it ends.

You can learn everything you would ever want to about this car, my experience with it, and the maintenance performed at This site is a compilation of my notes as I searched for, found, bought, and drove the car.

I proved my theory wrong. I ended up spending a bunch of money, but the experiences I had more than compensated for the loss. You can take advantage of all the maintenance I had performed on the car over the past 12 months and own a fantastic F355 with a great story. You will be hard pressed to find a 355 that has been as diligently maintained as this one.


Anonymous said...

David, I know I would like this car, but I don't think I could afford it by myself. But how about selling it to a partnership of 5 people? All of us telecom people....??? just joking. nice blog.


David said...

Hi Walt,

Come on. You telco guys are making big bucks.



Anonymous said...

Think there's a typo in this entry - sounds as if it's had two 30k services (one recently, the other before heading off to Texas).

David said...

Unfortunately no typo. The car has had two 30K services and an total of four engine out services in the past 10K miles.