Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ferrari turned 30!

The Ferrari turned 30 yesterday. When I pulled the car into the garage on Friday night I noticed the mileage was 29,999. Time for a celebration. Sunday I took it out for a trip to Vinopolis, a wine shop I frequent, to pick out a nick 1998 Italian. Ended up with two super Tuscans. On the way home with 30,003 miles I was presented with a freeway onramp and no one is sight. The onramp had a tall concrete on one side. Opening up the Ferrari through the first three gears was fantastic and very loud.

That evening we had a party for the car. Italian food and Alex baked a chocolate cake with crystallized ginger on top.

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Anonymous said...


You should not sell your car. you obviously love to drive it, so why not hold on to it?? You will be taking a significant loss if you sell it on the market right now, even with all of the work you've put into it under the hood.

The only justification I could see for selling your Ferrari is to buy another one = )