Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time for a new clutch

On Saturday the 18th Barb and I went on the Ferrari Clubs Wine Country Drive. We are no longer members of the club but I helped organize the drive so I think the adopted a don’t ask don’t tell policy. I you are interested you can view pictures of the drive here. I did not bring a camera.

Aside from good wine the other most interesting aspect to the drive was how much the clutch on the 355 started to slip. It would slip if I gave the car gas in any gear over 3rd.
All in all I think it slipped about 10 times during the drive.

I parked it and considered my options.

  1. Take it to a shop and let them fix it.

  2. Fix it myself.

  3. Take the tires off and park it in the front yard.

  4. Take advantage of the governments CARS program.

I chose option number 2.

The clutch and the windshield wipers are the two bits of the car which do not require the engine to be removed to change. There are several good guides on how to change a clutch on the 355. I found one, memorized it, and dove in.

The car is now disassembled. Mostly. When it came time to jack the car up I had a problem. It does not have a jack and the jack from our Porsche will not fit.

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