Saturday, August 15, 2009

Triple Seals Installed


Received the parts from Ricambi on Wednesday. At first I thought the new pressure plate was damaged. The edges of the housing were beat up. I looked at the old pressure plate and saw exactly the same treatment. Maybe something during the balancing process roughs up the edges.

I pulled out the drive shaft and wrapped plastic wrap secured with rubber bands around the shaft where it enters the splined tube which will hold the clutch disk. Only one drop of oil escaped during this process.

An inspection of the triple seals revealed nothing. I am not sure what I would be looking for. They had obviously leaked, looked a bit loose but fine otherwise. I gently pried the up and used a razor knife to remove them.

I pushed one of the new seals on by hand. Not easy. The seal stretched a bit in the process. Next I tried wrapping the shaft in a flexible plastic sheet and using it as a sleeve to install the seal. This technique was recommended by a fellow on Ferrarichat. Much easier but the seal still stretched. The same fellow recommended using the plastic sleeve and some rubber bands to apply pressure to the seals and squash them back into shape. That’s the state the car is in now.

Total time to install the triple seals. About 15 minutes.

Still no word on the flywheel. Hopefully ATD will have it resurfaced and back to me early next week so I can get the car back on the road.

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