Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have been remiss in my posting. I apologize. It took a few tries but the car has sold. After installing the new clutch I put about 100 miles on the car then started to think about how to store it for the winter. I looked into storage facilities and talked to a few clients who have warehouses. Barb was very understanding and told me if I could not find a home for it for the winter she would park outside.

Deep down I knew it was time for the car to go. I sent an email to Steve at Ron Tonkin and Joe at Gran Prix to see if they were interested in selling the car. Joe responded in about five minutes that they would be interested in selling the car. I never heard from Tonkin.

About two weeks after sending the email I dropped the car off at Gran Prix. After signing a few papers Barb picked me up and we drove out of the dealership, past the Ferrari. That would be the last time either of us would see it. I was sad to leave the car. Not too sad but I did miss it.

The missing the car passed quickly. Honestly. After a few days I no longer thought about the car. It took about a week but Joe had an offer on the car for 50,000. I passed. I hoped the car would sell for between 55,000 and 60,000. Nothing happened for about two weeks then Joe called to say the car had sold for around 60,000.


It was Monday when Joe and I talked. The car was due to ship to the new owner on Thursday. A day or two later I called Kevin to let him know the car was sold. Literally two minutes later Joe emailed letting me know the deal had fallen through. Oh well. There would be other buyers.

A week or so later and the deal was back on. Same buyer. Same price. This time he had put down a big chunk of change. I called Kevin to let him know the deal was back on. After I talked with Kevin. Joe waited about five minutes to call and say the deal was off.

It was Kevin’s fault. Car jinx. I decided I would not discuss selling the car with Kevin until Joe called and let me know I could pick up my check.

After a couple weeks of no activity I began to consider trading the Ferrari for a Porsche. Eventually, I will get another fun car and I think it will be a 911 of some sort. I resisted the urge to call Joe and say “lets trade it on a 911 turbo or a RSR replica.” Another week went by then I received a call that the car was sold. Gran Prix expected the money in a day or so then the car would be shipped to Texas.

The amount was less than I had hoped for but fair.

I did not call Kevin. Two days later Eric at Gran Prix called to let me know they had my check. I loaded the original muffler, solid rear grill, and miscelanous Ferrari parts I had around the house into the truck drove to GP dropped them off and picked up my check for 49,000. I didn’t think to take a look at the car when I was there.

So that’s it. The car has sold.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it's gone, I've enjoyed following your blog. At least this brings things to a close. I will be very interested to see your analysis/conclusion on the cost of ownership.

David said...

Thank you for your comment. While I sad (sometimes) that the car is gone was nice to bring thing to a close.

I have a pretty good idea of total cost of ownership and cost per mile. I will post that soon.



Anonymous said...

Please David, if possible, try to make something linke this board in the end/bottom of the page


Anonymous said...

Just saw your car for sale on autotrader. Friend of mine found it, we both thought it was too good to be true at a creepishly low price. After a little hunting we found your site. I'm pretty sure it's a scam, but thought you might want to know: