Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ferrari Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle

Ferrari 458 Italia to be Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle

In hastily pulled together announcement Luca di Montezemolo revealed today that the Ferrari 458 Italia and all new Ferraris will be Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles. The announcement comes as a shock from the marquee known for making high powered, gas guzzling, sports cars for the rich and famous. Ferraris Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle or PZEV claim rests on the limited usage Ferraris receive. According to di Montezemolo Ferraris are driven an average of just under 3400KM (2112 miles) per year and consume a scant 151 gallons of petrol in the process. Compare this to a hybrid like the Toyota Prius. The average Prius consumes over 260 gallons of petrol per year. A whopping 58% more than the Ferrari. “Ferrari will be known not only for exciting sports car but also as a leader in green technology” thundered di Montezemolo when a reporter for Autoweek questioned Ferraris math.

In a related story an official at Lamborghini, speaking on the condition of anonymity suggested that Lamborghini had been working on similar technology for some time and had been in negotiations with the governments of California, Oregon, and Maine to allow Lamborghini to test market a PZEV Lamborghini in those states. The hold up appears to the colors Lamborghinis are available in. Apparently some bureaucrats in state office considered the colors themselves to constitute an emission even if the car was not running.


Jan said...

So would you do it again???
It is truly a great blog. I stumbled upon it earlier this evening spending another of many nights searching the computer for my future Ferrari. Growing up with Crocket and Tubbs it is destiny for me. I was looking at a 348, but with each passing year it will probably be a 355. Yes I hate maintenance costs more than anything. Halfway through the blog I am ready to go and buy it now... After reading the last page and the somewhat anticlimactic ending, I think i can let the urge pass, perhaps buy more stock in GE, a real bargin these days. I will give myself a few more years, gross a million bucks or turn 40 and then do! It is ironic that these days you can drop 50 grand on a new pick-up truck and not think twice. I guess life is all about justification! Thanks again. PS where do i get the book

David said...


Thanks for your comment. Yes, I beleive I will buy another Ferrari. I am not sure what kind. If I had to choose today I expect it would be a car from the 60s or a 360 Challenge Stradale. Really different cars but I like each of them.

Sorry about the anticlimatic ending. I had hoped for something better myself.
Still working on the book. Will post when I am done.