Monday, February 13, 2012

Post About My Book

Thank you to the two of you who purchased the book today. You made my week.

Just a note. The book and the blog are similar. If you have been reading the blog the book is a condensed version with fewer spelling and grammatical errors.




JMP said...

David, I just left a comment on a very early post and am trying to read your blog chronologically. However, since I allowed myself a glance at this latest entry, let me suggest that you send me a reviewer's copy of your book which I will and report on to my thousands of fans and followers? Sound good? lol msg me via cheers

Anonymous said...

I purchased your book today, my first purchase off amazon! I have started my ownership search and have narrowed in on both the 360 spider and F355 gts or berlinetta. Great work on the book and completing it.

MalcQV said...

I bought your book out of curiosity.You see I am on my second Ferrari. I at the age of thirty something thought I need to try it. I got bitten by them in a good way or bad depending on your point of view.
I too own an F355. can't see me without one. I nodded and smiled at so many of your points. When asked in future why, I shall just say OneYearwith.....A good read thanks.

David McGuire said...

Just bought your book , great read I grinned and grimaced lol

Look forward to hearing about your next one !

Ferrari huren said...

I'm trying to read some of your blogs and I have to say that it is very interesting and fun to read.

My compliments,

Steve B. said...

I bought your book a couple months ago. I had already purchased my first Ferrari and my experience of searching, buying and ownership is similar to yours. I am a bit less than a year into ownership and I loved reading how your experiences and mine are so similar.


B Irvine said...

I have no interest in owning a Ferrari or any other exotic car, but I found the book interesting and a fun read nonetheless - to see the plans gone awry, and the car being a much more demanding part of your life than you had planned made for interesting reading.

It is pretty clear, too, that if anyone wants to buy an exotic car - if you have difficulty with the purchase price, you will have difficulty keeping it on the road!

Waiting for your next project!